The Angler (theangler) wrote in if_authors,
The Angler

which authoring system? TADS vs Inform

I just realized today that TADS binaries were available for Mac OS X (I'm slow sometimes). I'm pretty sure that the binaries I have are just recompilations of the Linux version and run only in my Terminal window, but I can now play/read TADS IFs on my laptop. (I have HyperTADS on my old OS 9 laptop.) Anyway, I've been delving into Inform like it was the only IF authoring system out there. Now that I have a TADS compiler, in theory I could write IFs using TADS. What's the difference? So I googled and found: TADS vs Inform - a (vaguely) in-depth comparison.

I looked at some TADS source and I think I'll stick with Inform for now. But I'll keep an open mind. Maybe I'll do a TADS IF in the future just to see what's it's like.
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