The Angler (theangler) wrote in if_authors,
The Angler

complex, but not too complex

Don't have much time today so I'll just quote something I found in the archive.

When asked about noting taking during the reading of IF Phil Goetz said: ``I don't. Unless I'm playing a detective. If I'm doing something that wouldn't call for taking notes in real life, why should it call for taking notes in a game? That spoils my suspension of disbelief. Generally, I like to just sit down and play.

Of course, this may be why I have never finished anything larger than John's `Fire Witch'. But I'd usually rather quit the game than have to switch to note-taking. When a game starts handing me lots of data, and I see they want me to play the "write all this stuff down and match it up" game, I quit.

Good point. When I was playing `The Dreamhold' I often thought I should really be taking notes, but I resisted the temptation. The point is that I should be able to read an IF without breaking out a sliderule. It's supposed to be for fun. Also, I found the map that came along with `The Fire Tower' (while helpful) distracted me from the text. I kept consulting the map rather than doing a full visualization in my head. I think `The Dreamhold' would have lost something if I had mapped it.
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